ONLY SALESTM CRM is an inhouse built SaaS based Sales platform or a Sales Software that is designed to empower sales people to collaborate, optimize their sales process, forecast sales numbers and finally drive them towards achieving their sales quotas.

ONLY SALESTM has proven time and again that our Sales platform is excellent for enhancing the customer journey and customer experience, generating new business, improved Closure rate and further reducing overall costs.

Our centralized SaaS platform is designed to make the jobs of a sales personnel in any organization completely process oriented and target driven. With the core goal of closing more deals at a faster pace and customer satisfaction (& retention) in mind, this integrated tool streamlines daily sales tasks, tracks conversions, facilitates performance visibility, and improves sales pipeline management.

With ONLY SALESTM  a sales team gets the advantage of performing multiple functions from a centralized platform, in just a few clicks. Sales execs can schedule meetings, make calls, and monitor deal history without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the platform’s mobile application helps you avail of all its features on the go, thus making sure your sales department get the attention it deserves even when you are on the move.

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