Why Sales Talent scarcity in India?

Why Sales Talent scarcity in India?

Morethan anyone, we were more boggled with this question (being a Sales Consulting firm) and have been hunting answers and solutions to address this challenge. Finally, we have to take a professional approach to understand the root-cause that’s creating this plague.

Jubiliants has done an extensive research on this particular subject by interviewing more than 500+ Organizations Sales Heads (& Managers) and as well discussing with more than 1500+ Sales professionals right from Executive level to Branch Heads and after a thorough consolidation of the information gathered, we have arrived at below reasons for this epidemic:

Academic Courses doesn’t include Sales Subjects:

It is unfortunate to claim that MBA Syllabus doesn’t include any subjects related to real-time selling. Neither the faculty has any selling expertise. Except for a few Business Schools (which cannot be opted by 90% of the career aspirants as the fee is high), no MBA Institutes are teaching atleast the basics of Sales & Selling. Hence the output (MBA Grads) of these Institutes is of no use to actual-time on-field environment.

Sales is a target-oriented or a pressure job:

It is heart-breaking when we hear people refraining taking up Sales career assuming that Sales is a very pressure profession, target-oriented and that it is a field job. Which job in this world is not target-oriented?

It is this myth that we as Sales Consultants trying to break and enlighten Career Aspirants that Sales is the only profession in this world that has no income ceiling and is one of the few careers where you could be yourself (implement your ideas etc,). In fact, Sales is the only line-of-work that gives an immense opportunity to meet new people everyday and develop new skills round the clock.

A Meager number of qualified Sales Training Institutes available in the market:

Once the Students/Freshers are out-of-doors from their respective Institutes, they are in a dilemma on where (& whom) to approach to get trained, build selling skills and further help them fulfill their Career dream in Business Development profession. However, it’s very hard to find an Institute that trains on Sales & Selling. Even if they would find one, they are unable to know whether or not they have approached the right Training Institute and is the Trainer/Faculty industry-proven or not?. Moreover, the affordability to get trained on Sales & Selling also matters as they are yet to get a job so they could manage to pay the Fees for Sales-training.

Companies don’t adopt sales training:

According to a research by “Rain Consulting Group”, only 7% of the Organizations are adopting Sales Trainings for their Sales Force and hence their success in the industry. This research proves the poor attention of Company’s Management towards Sales and Sales Team’s growth & development. Further disappointing, most of the Companies don’t even have Sales Training & Development as one of their KPI’s. These Organizations assume that the person in charge of the Team should provide Sales Training. The Top Management doesn’t get that the person-in-charge/Sales Managers (or above) are also not trained to give training in the right methodology and hence the slump in sales & revenues.

Sales person’s lack of interest in investing in his own development:

While we Consult our Clients, we always wonder to the answer we receive when we ask “who is your role model in Sales?” Most of them responded saying themselves, or their managers, or their present CEO’s. But when the same question is posed to an IT / Software executive, they immediately come up with answers such as “Bill gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg etc”. Well, the difference is Software Engineers invest in getting trained and build a fantastic career for themselves.

Sales Professionals get carried away in the tide and never look for ways to develop their skill-set either by reading books, writing blogs, participating in podcasts or seminars etc. Those who have invested have become Sales Heads and are leading this herd (of Sales people).