Training Process

Training Process

As a measure in meeting the objective of “bringing professionalism into salesmanship”, Jubiliants has been in a quest to discover & identify the best practices towards sales & selling. During this expedition, Jubiliants has formed alliances with Associations and Professionals across the globe who are dedicatedly engaged in continuous research to unearth and determine the tactics, ideas & strategies implemented by Sales Champions in various fields. This is the education that we impart in our Training Workshops (and not motivational hype).

Customizable Framework: We believe that a Sales person should be able to sell right from “a pen to a rocket”. With this belief, Jubiliants has crafted such a framework for training & coaching that it could be easily molded to any vertical, domain or industry. This framework encompasses subjects right from initiating a contact, drafting a sales pitch, prospecting, negotiations, closing till retention of the Customer.

Hence, our sales-trainings are accepted and successfully implemented across all industrial verticals irrespective of the product/service/concept. And that when we assume any sales-training project, we customize our framework accordingly to industry/Client.

Real-time Coaches: The success of any training program is based on how well they could relate to the participants real-time concerns. This could be accomplished only if the trainer/training body has gained skills in the similar background. Acknowledging this fact, Jubiliants employs only those Professionals as Sales-Coaches who are presently assuming positions as Managers in Sales (or higher positions) working in various companies.

Only a real-time working Professional could sync with participants easily and could address their doubts/queries (as raised during training) with practical & proven examples. This will boost the confidence of the sales person during training as well the product he is selling on a daily basis.

Proven Case Studies: Case Studies make great collaterals for sales. Recognizing this materiality, Jubiliants training theories are backed by corresponding Case Studies with real-time examples. This approach proves a point to the participants that the sales-techniques taught during training are not just mere topics but are proven actualities. And will work for them as well if executed in their day-to-day selling.

Workshop based Training: Jubiliants understands that selling skills can only be enhanced by practically involving the sales personnel through workshops rather than theoretical training. Hence Jubiliants training workshops are more interactive, practical oriented and less theoretical preaching. Workshops will serve as an open forum for any discussions and helps the participants align themselves with the real-time environment, improve overall skills, gain confidence on the sales profession and equip them with all the necessary tools to accomplish Sales goals. Not only this but also improves overall communication skills and peer-to-peer skills as he/she participates as an active member of a Team in workshop-based model.