Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, having any advantage over the competition is useful. One of the most important tools that a company can have to ensure that they stay one step ahead is a strong sales team. In the U.S., more than $5 billion is invested in sales training and improvement. It is extremely important that your company is making the right training investments.

Remember that salespeople are a direct reflection on your company. Continued education is critical to the success of your sales team and should be provided as often as possible. According to, a surveyed group of customers claimed that only 3 percent of the companies they compared effectively differentiated themselves from their competitors. Give your company the competitive edge over the competition by equipping them with the right tools through proper sales-training.

We provide Training in below Sales Specializations:

    • Sales Process vs Sales Communication cycle
    • Sales talk vs sales pitch and An Orgainized Sales Pitch
    • Sales Pitch components – GIFTS concept
    • Beliefs of Champions and Sales is a number’s game – Case studies
    • Sell Only benefits (FAB vs BAF)
    • Professional visitor vs professional sales person
    • Art of asking “yes” questions
    • Sales transaction vs value transaction and The Purchasing path
    • Questioning process and principles and Telling vs asking vs selling
    • Qualification sequence and Questioning Techniques : qualifying/prospecting
    • Learn to Love “NO” and 5 attitudes towards rejections
    • Determine cash value and know your ratios
    • All succesfull people are sales experts – Case studies
    • Selling vs marketing and Discovery, leading and situation controlling questioning technique
    • Strategic use of questions towards “Closure”
    • Sales Vocabulary that sells and Tone of voice & breaking-ice
    • Pitching sequence over telephone and Raise positive emotions
    • Reading buying signs & Scoring tips over phone
    • Selling power through presentations and demonstrations
    • Effetively handling interruptions and Closing with Presentations
    • Objection vs condition and Successful Objection handling techniques
    • Handling competition/competitors and Creating a competitive advantage/irresistible offer
    • Craft an irresistible USP for yourself and your product
    • Architech impactful collateral that sells
    • Selling through emails: introductory, marketing, selling, RFI, qualifying, negotiating, Closing, referrals.
    • Negotiating over email and closing tips
    • CLOSING – misconceptions & resistances and When & how to close?
    • Closing sequence & Closing signs and Closing vocabulary
    • Sixteen power closes of Champions and How to create my niche in Team & Company?
    • Generate multi-fold revenues -  Success theories & case studies
  6. CONSULTATIVE SELLING: It is an approach to selling in which customer needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue. When the word Consultative was applied to sales in the 1970’s, it was revolutionary. It marked a major transition from the salesperson as the purveyor of information and the customer as the recipient to a much more collaborative interaction — one in which the customer’s needs, not the product — was the focal point of the sale.

    Jubiliants has been dramatically improving the quality of the sales call by educating & exercising sales professionals on below modules:

    • The Customer within the Customer
    • The Sales person as “Advisor”
    • The Sales person as “Solution provider”
    • The Sales person as “long-term business partner”
  7. ENHANCE YOUR SALES MANAGEMENT:  Sales Management is a comprehensive management training program that provides frontline sales Managers with proven skills, knowledge and tools they need to drive bottom line performance. Our sales management training programs are different from any others in the industry because we have a different view of sales managers. We firmly believe: -
    • Sales managers are the key change agents in a sales force: Without their sales coaching and guidance, salespeople will tend to stay the course. With their help, anything is possible in a sales force.
    • Different sales roles demand different types of management: Not all sales roles are identical, and the same is true of their managers. Depending on the type of role a sales manager oversees (consultative, transactional, relationship, etc.), the tasks of the managers will differ accordingly.
    • Sales manager training yields a higher ROI than rep training Research shows that >85% of all sales training is targeted at front-line salespeople, not sales managers. We believe it should be the other way around. Train 1 salesperson and you’ve improved 1 salesperson… Train 1 sales manager and you’ve improved their entire team.
    • If you agree with us, we welcome you to consider our in-depth “Sales Management” program that includes self-assessments and covers four critical sales-management abilities:

      • Sales Planning & forecasting
      • Sales process & enablement
      • Team Management
      • Account Management