Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

Jubiliants believes that Sales (revenue generation) is not an "art" but Science. And that this science of sales is based on certain logics if executed in a process oriented manner will definitely yield decent results. Working along this belief, JUBILIANTS has earned a reputation in the market in building result-oriented-sales-processes that is in line with our Client’s Vision.

Jubiliants motive is to drive improvements in productivity and growth beginning with an assessment of a Company’s selling system. We then work with the Company to develop a pragmatic, actionable implementation schedule that can reliably increase sales without disrupting the Company’s current revenue streams.

Jubiliants approach to sales enablement is grounded in the field experience of our Consultants. It’s not the usual academic approach that strikes veteran sales people as irrelevant to their needs. Jubiliants brings together the often fractured approach to sales enablement into one unified program that bridges marketing, sales, product management, learning and development, and human resources.

We teach your sales team how to close more of the most important deals by creating synergy between executives and those on the front line. We are able to help you double or even triple your sales by engineering strategies and behavior changes that incorporate sales force best practices.

Jubiliants Consulting services include working closely with you, your Company & Management to define and develop your sales processes, identify best practices within your organization, build models that easily and automatically replicate these processes and practices, and measure the results to ensure there’s an acceptable ROI (Return-On-Investment).

Jubiliants follows below best practices for sales-consulting in order to cultivate maximum results for our Customers:

First Phase of Sales Consulting is Sales Auditing: JUBILIANTS will conduct a thorough diagnosis to identify on the prevailing “gaps” in the sales department. 

Second Phase is Consulting: Once the “gaps” are identified, they would be mitigated with certain solutions as consulted and executed by us. And that these “solutions” should provide tangible results to the Prospects.

Example1: Jubiliants Sales Consulting - Sales Funnel/Pipeline Mgmt (sample)