Our Contribution to HR's

Our Contribution to HR's

HR’s are the first point of interaction for any employee in Organizations and they play a vital role in bringing a skilled resource for their firms.

“80% of HR’s actions are proving to be futile because companies lack in adopting a definitive assessment approach for a sales person. – Harvard Business Review”

Jubiliants is glad to claim to have assisted many HR’s (& HR Departments) by minimizing their efforts in hiring “Competent” Sales Force for their Organizations through our “Sales Staffing” services. We recommend only those aspirants to HR’s who have undergone our Training and secured merit in the exam we conduct post-trainings. And hence our Candidature strike-rate is 100% with HR’s.

With Jubiliants “Sales Staffing Services”, our motive is to bring in value-add to HR’s efforts and complement to their actions for recruiting an “apt” Sales-Character.