ONLY SALES - Features & Benefits

ONLY SALES - Features & Benefits


Sales Automation:

With ONLY SALESTM, you can automate just about any step of your sales process. Trigger personalized emails that go out whenever you create a deal, or move a deal along a pipeline stage, keeping leads warm while you focus on high-priority tasks. This means you can auto-nurture leads while focusing on high priority tasks. Set triggers and desired actions, then let our powerful automation tools do the work for you.


Effective Sales pipeline management:

With our CRM, you can deals, their value, win probability and expected close date, then organize and track them by your pipeline stages. Customize the stages to suit your sales cycle (& process), create Team pipelines and filter results by team member and stage. Colored cues draw your attention to deals about to go cold, so you know what to tackle first.


Insights & reports:

Only SalesTM provides actionable insights through customizable reports and visual dashboards. You can custom fields to your reports to track variables and explore winning patterns or reveal bottlenecks. Keep your most important reports and KPI’s in one centralized location for sales analytics and could share them to the management when needed. Set team, individual, company-wide goals, then track sales performance with real-time metrics.


Email communication & tracking:

Your ideal sales management software should offer robust email and communication tracking to help keep sales teams on track. With our CRM, you can access emails from within your sales platform. Get live notifications whenever contacts click or open your emails and follow up at the right time. Moreover it offers a selection of sales enablement emailing tools such as two-way email sync, a variety of ready-made email templates and a group email feature.


Privacy & Security:

With multiple security certificates, world-class infrastructure and a host of CRM privacy and security features, from user permissions to single sign-on and two-factor authentication, Only SalesTM is committed to protecting your data and keeping you informed on all levels and at all times.