Consulting Process

Consulting Process

Jubiliants Sales Consulting process covers both the individual skill sets and the organizational factors that affect sales achievements. We begin with a sales performance assessment called Sales Auditing, focusing on the current sales environment at your organization. This allows us to uncover the levers that will lead to significant sales improvement for Organizations.

We then provide with an action plan for change, focusing on the things that will make the greatest difference in Sales results. Our sales consulting process leaves Companies with the confidence that they will implement improvements that will have the greatest impact on revenue growth and the success of the Sales Team.

Sales Consulting – Areas of Coverage:

  1. Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation: The objective of this Sales Consulting Phase is to arrive at a Strategy that consolidates roadmap in achieving the envisaged Vision of the Company and provide a precise sense of the direction to achieve our results.
  2. Sales Channel Strategy and Management: The motive of this Sales Consulting Phase is to identify (or create) the biggest opportunities in making sales more productive and help companies realize potential Sales Channels that not only boosts revenues but create a high performance Organization pulling together for breakthrough financial results.
  3. Sales Performance Acceleration: The benefit of this Sales Consulting Phase is to strategize a process(s)-roadmap that is scalable and refined under the scope of the future Vision & Goals of Company. Accordingly outline sales-practices that could shield the entire sales-system and alongside control the Processes. The outcome of this activity would help the Management to have complete control over time, resources and Processes.
  4. Sales Team Planning & Structuring: This Phase of Sales Consulting will build a right hierarchy (in accordance with our Vision) and correspondingly define the Team structure and consequently internal Communication tools & formats. And that the Structure should be easily adaptable and conveniently accessible to entire Sales-department. The results of this Consulting task would help Management drive Sales-Team with higher velocity.
  5. Sales Compensation & Targets: The outcome of this Sales Consulting is to provide a uniform & chronological basis for compensation planning. Accordingly set Sales-targets or vice-versa followed by formulating encouraging incentive structures. The motive of this Phase of Sales Consulting is to identify the stimulators that will help accelerate Sales Revenues by balancing the targets & Compensation.
  6. Sales Team Competency Building: Is to arrive at appropriate Competence-development actions so will help the Team equipped with right-selling attitude, skills, knowledge, pro-active mindset, long-term perceptiveness, ROI realization etc.
  7. Sales Key Performance Indicators: This episode of Sales Consulting will derive result-oriented and performance-driven KPI’s for Company’s Sales department. So, will help us understand the major differences between performers and non-performers. By effectively measuring, managing & reporting KPI’s will help us formulating focused & objective oriented Sales Strategies.
  8. Sales Intelligence and Technology: Technology adoption provide support to increase productivity through time saving, organizing market approach, real time data & reports  and controlled processes in market place. With adoption of right technology, will help us to be controlled, focused & process oriented organization.

Example 1: Jubiliants Sales Consulting - Project Time Line Sheet (sample).

Example 2: Jubiliants Sales Consulting - Work Breakdown Strcuture (sample):