Benefits & ROI

Benefits & ROI

To maximize the productivity and efficiency of any business, be it a new startup or an established company, it is essential to have access to the right information, knowledge, and assistance. Jubiliants’s Sales Consulting Services can be utilized by both small and large operations to help prosper even during a weak economic climate. To remain competitive and profitable requires a lot more than just being able to organize a Sales workforce.

  1. Arriving at a pragmatic Sales Vision: Companies are unable to arrive at a realistic and an optimistic Sales Vision. Also Companies are unsuccessful in translating & communicating the Vision to the sales Team. Jubiliants Sales Consulting will help formulate an apt Sales Vision based on market dynamics and certain case studies. We will enable a course of action that will help understand what areas of Sales process could drive Companies towards accomplishing the Sales Vision.
  2. Formulating result-oriented Sales Strategy: Sales & Selling Strategy is still a perplexing exercise for 90% of companies as they are untaught on the ingredients of “Strategy”. Companies are still in a dilemma to understand the KPI’s required for successful execution of the Strategy. Jubiliants expertise lies in crafting a Sales strategy that is tangible oriented and supported by proven logical case studies. Moreover, Jubiliants Sales Consulting examines all the dynamics from 360o dimension influencing the strategy and consolidates a roadmap that provides a sense of direction to achieve our results.
  3. Devise an integrated & coherent Sales Process: Sales & selling Process(s) is still a mystic for majority of the Organizations because of the belief that “Sales is an art” and “not Science”. In reality, it is vice versa. There is an 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that defined a formal sales process and companies that didn’t (by Harvard Business Review). Jubiliants Sales Consulting will help strategize a process(s)-roadmap that is scalable and refined under the scope of the future Vision & Goals of a Company. Jubiliants Sales Consulting outlines sales-practices that would shield the entire sales-system and alongside will help Management to have complete control over time, resources and Processes.
  4. Transforming Sales professionals to Sales Leaders: 80% of HR’s actions are proving to be futile because the companies lack in adopting a definitive assessment approach for a sales person (by Harvard Business Review). Bringing in a “sense of ownership” in sales Team is still an alien exercise for most of the Organizations and for which reason there is high attrition rate for Sales people. Jubiliants Sales Consulting is successful in helping deploy the "apt" professional for Sales because we guide companies to focus their recruitment energies not only in finding an appropriate fit/candidate but also to identify the correct "Sales Character". Jubiliants is an expert in “sales coaching” and our training-workshops have proven to be direct reflections of real-time challenges and how to address them effectively through various techniques taught.

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