Benefits & ROI

Benefits & ROI

The underlying principle of “Sales Auditing” is to bring precise clarity in the way the Sales departments are operating and how effective have they been in reaching their Sales Quotas. Complimentarily, “Sales Auditing” also provides an in-depth insight on the prevailing “gaps” in Sales Departments, Sales process, Sales Team management, Sales Hiring, Sales KPI’s, Sales Trainings, Sales Compensation & incentive structure, Sales Targets etc.

Our Clients have realized below Benefits and associated Return on Investments (ROI) with “Sales Auditing”:

  1. Analyze & Prioritize the “gaps”: Sales Auditing assignment involves examining every process, resource (HR & Tech), paperwork etc, engaged in the sales-value-chain. The auditing stint will consume anywhere between 8 – 20 weeks (varies from case-to-case) and the result of this extensive inspection will help arrive at all those aspects of “gaps” which are tampering the Sales-results. Moreover, Sales Auditing also delivers intelligence on different set of “gaps” that are creating more dent to Sales function(s) and further categorizes “gaps” based on intensity of the damage.
  2. Benchmarking your Sales Organization: Sales Auditing will take your Sales Organization a step ahead by benchmarking different functions of Sales Department (Team, Process, Targets, Incentive etc.) with successful Companies in the same industry/vertical. This mechanism of benchmarking has made Companies realize on where they stand in the market compared to Top 5 (or10) other competitors and further reset their Goals, process, strategies accordingly.
  3. Serves as a Sales Compass: After obtaining a thorough understanding on the “areas of improvement” and as well recognizing the “root-cause (& analysis)”, Sales Auditing explores all the possible ways to guide Sales Organizations in right direction that will help accomplish Sales Results & Business Growth.

(i) Benchmarking Sales Departments - Sample Outline:

(ii) Prioritizing Gaps for Sales KPI's - Sample Matrix: