Auditing Process

Auditing Process

"To Measure is to KNOW" - with this intent, we conduct Sales Auditing to help realize Companies on the areas for improvement to drive sales and further understand the intensity of the impact that these areas are having on Sales Performance & Productivity.

Sales Audit – Areas of Coverage (Chornological Process):

  1. Sales Vision & Strategy: The objective of this Auditing Phase is to boost sense-of-confidence in achieving Sales-VISION by providing better clarity on the momentum we are progressing towards it.
  2. Sales Goals & Plans: The motive of this Auditing Phase is to achieve business objectives faster by discovering new and innovative goal-achieving models.
  3. Sales Process & Practices: The benefit of this Phase is to understand on how we could Optimize costs, time & resource-utilization by streamlining end-to-end sales process.
  4. Sales Team Planning & Structuring: This Auditing Phase will inform on different elements to drive Sales Team at higher velocity with appropriate team structure & hierarchy that is easily adaptable and conveniently accessible.
  5. Sales Compensation & Targets: The outcome of this Auditing section is to identify the stimulators that will help accelerate Sales Revenues by balancing the targets & Compensation.
  6. Sales Team Competencies & Skill Assessment: With candid assessment & auditing, CST has helped Organizations leverage competencies of Sales Team as well improved team-work oriented environment.
  7. Sales Key Performance Indicators: This section of Auditing will provide an insight on how effective have been the Key Performance Indicators for Sales Team and that are these helping in accomplish Sales Goals successfully.
  8. Technology Evaluation: As technology is playing a vital role in performing Sales activities as planned, this episode of Auditing will help analyze its pros & cons. As well advice on right and appropriate technologies to adapt to achieve Sales Results.

After thorough evaluation, analytical (& Dashboard) reports are submitted for easy identification on pain points, root causes and prevailing gaps thats siezing the Business Growth. These scientifically rationalized reports will support Managment for taking informed decisions.

Example : Sales Audit Reports (Sample).